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Snoop Dogg Makes Shocking Botanical Discovery in Martha Stewart's Driveway

"Somebody tell me what this is. A who? That's a pine cone?"
Drew Schwartz
Holy Shit

Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Follow Snoop Dogg on Twitter?

I have so many questions.
Lauren O'Neill
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When Hillary Clinton Was America's Hostess

Before Hillary Clinton became a presidential candidate, secretary of state, or New York senator, she was one of the most controversial first ladies of the 20th century.
Lauren Oyler
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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Are Teaming Up for a New Cooking Show

"My homegirl Martha and I have a special bond that goes back," Snoop said.
VICE Staff
Internet Exploring

Attention Shoppers: These K-Mart Soundtracks from the Early 90s Are Incredibly Lit

Attention vaporwave producers: The motherlode is here, in the form of an collection called 'Attention K-Mart Shoppers.'
Kyle Kramer

The World’s Top False-Memory Expert Explains Why Everything You Know Might Be Wrong

Ted Bundy, O.J. Simpson, Timothy McVeigh, Michael Jackson, Rodney King, Martha Stewart, and Oliver North—Dr. Elizabeth Loftus has testified on behalf of them all.
Roc Morin
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Martha Stewart Is Punker Than You, You Dweebs

Martha Stewart has some tips on how to throw a punk rock party and they are delightful.
Ron Knox

What Celebrities Eat at Golden Corral

David Lynch goes over to the steak station where a guy in a white coat asks him how he wants his steak cooked. David Lynch asks if he can just have a raw piece of the meat. The cook says that’s not allowed. David Lynch asks why that’s not allowed. The...
Blake Butler and Molly Brodak