Mass Shooting


Facebook Went to War Against White Supremacist Terror After Christchurch. Will It Work?

Facebook’s 350-person counterterrorism team is retraining its tools for far-right meme culture.


The FBI Arrested a 'Psychedelic Nazi' on LSD After Tapping His Wild Text Chats

“TFW you’re carrying enough gear and supplies to set the new high score, and wouldn’t want to have to explain that to a cop,” he texted his friends in June.


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Objectively True Information’ About Mass Shootings Is Worthless

The celebrity scientist took to Twitter to remind everyone that people die all the time, diminishing the tragedy of the weekend's mass shootings.


“No One Really Knew Him”: Everything We Know About the El Paso Mass Shooting Suspect

A manifesto thought to be written by the suspect said his attack "is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas."


New Zealand Bans Military Style Semi-Automatics and Assault Rifles Less Than a Week After Attacks

“On 15 March our history changed forever. Now, our laws will too.”


At Least 11 Dead in Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue

A man armed with an assault rifle and multiple handguns attacked a Shabbat service Saturday.


Police still have no idea what the Vegas shooter's motive was

It’s been eight months since one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history, and police still can’t definitively say what led Stephen Paddock to open fire.


Two dead, 13 injured after mass shooting in Toronto

The shooter, a 29-year-old man, is also dead.


MGM Resorts Is Suing Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting to Avoid Liability

In a move one lawyer called "outrageous."


A History of Violent Threats Didn’t Stop the Maryland Newsroom Shooter From Buying a Gun

He'd use that same gun to open fire at the Capitol Gazette and allegedly kill five people.


Seven People Have Been Killed In a WA Mass Shooting

Police believe it to be a murder-suicide.


No One Survives a School Shooting Without Scars

The physically uninjured need resources, too.