Mass Shootings

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How 8chan Was Born — and Became the Worst Place on the Internet

“Real life stopped mattering to me,” says founder Fredrick Brennan.
Elle Reeve

Walmart Is Ending the Sale of Most Ammo and Would Like You to Leave Your Gun at Home

A big statement on guns from the nation's largest retailer.
Tess Owen
Mass Shootings

Death Toll in Odessa Climbs to 7 as Toddler Shot in the Mouth Undergoes Surgery

Texas Governor Greg Abbot calls for "solutions" while also "ensuring we safeguard Second Amendment rights.”
Tess Owen
Mass Shootings

Another Potential Mass Shooter Was Just Arrested — the 4th in Less Than A Week

A friend of the Florida trucker alerted the FBI after he sent text messages discussing his alleged plot
Tess Owen

Neo-Nazis Are Selling the New Zealand Shooter's Racist Screed for $4 on Telegram

The manifesto that inspired El Paso is now a hardcover book.
Valerie Kipnis
gun violence

Americans Told Us How Their Lives Have Been Torn Apart By Gun Violence

Mass shootings have created a climate of fear, loss, and helplessness.
Victoria Leandra
Mass Shootings

Surveillance Video Shows Shooter Preparing to Carry Out Mass Murder in Dayton

Three cops almost immediately opened fire, ending a mass shooting that could have been a lot worse.
Tess Owen

Police Keep Arresting Young White Men For Trying to Copycat El Paso

At least six men have been arrested for making terroristic threats, stockpiling weapons, or plotting attacks since the massacre.
Tess Owen
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Here's How Many Guns People Have Already Handed Over in New Zealand (Hint: It's a Lot)

Buyback programs are part of gun legislation passed after the Christchurch massacre.
Trone Dowd
Mass Shootings

Gamers Have Had It With Being Scapegoated for Gun Violence

VICE News spoke with members of the gaming community who are tired of being used as a distraction after mass shootings.
Hayley Jones

We Asked People Around the World What They Think of U.S. Gun Laws

"I think all these laws are the result of American capitalism."
Jada Butler
Mass Shootings

Dayton Shooter Allegedly Killed His Own Sister In Addition to 8 Other Victims

Newly-released surveillance video shows the chaos as the suspect started shooting.
Emma Ockerman