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Kanye West Donates $73,540 to Chance-Endorsed Mayoral Candidate Amara Enyia

The donation allows Enyia to be included on the ballot, but West's open affection and admiration for Donald Trump confuses matters.
Alex Robert Ross
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The Met Museum May Start Charging Tourists

The museum's new proposal is awaiting approval from the New York City Mayor's office.
Nathaniel Ainley
The Restless Youth Issue

Auckland's Youngest Mayoral Candidate Didn't Win, but She's Not Done Yet

Chlöe Swarbrick came third in a field of 19, but even this was an achievement.
James Borrowdale

Why Auckland’s 22-Year-Old Mayor Candidate is Finally Being Taken Seriously

We spent a day with Chlöe Swarbrick who, according to a recent poll, is coming fourth in the race to be Auckland's mayor.
James Borrowdale
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Canada's Pissed It’s Footing Bill for Rescuing Drunk Americans Who Literally Floated Over the Border

The "over-refreshed" Americans accidentally crossed the border illegally en masse when high winds blew their river party into Canada.
Allison Tierney

Your Monday News of Zealand

A crowdfunded beach officially becomes part of Abel Tasman National Park, the new plan to make housing more affordable, and the violent past of Moko Rangitoheriri's killers. It's everything you need to know about New Zealand right now.
VICE Staff

We Went to Rob Ford’s Post-Funeral Party to Hear the Best and Worst Ford Stories

One supporter compared his fall to that of Jesus's betrayal by the Romans. She didn't say who Judas was.
Jake Kivanc

Making Sense of Rob Ford's Troubled Life

He was the crack-smoking mayor the world laughed at. He had a family. He was a drunk who said awful things. He was a guy who got sober and then got cancer.
Josh Visser

We Spoke to Ford Nation About the Death of Rob Ford

Rob Ford's homebase is splintered in how it feels about the former mayor's death.
Jake Kivanc
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Panic on the Streets of London: Could Morrissey Be Your Mayor?

Mozzer has been approached by the Animal Welfare party to stand as their candidate for the London mayoral race.
Angus Harrison
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Inside the Manic Life and Work of Bob Marier, Rob Ford's Sobriety Coach

In our documentary 'Rob Ford's Sobriety Coach: Inside the Manic Life and Work of Bob Marier,' we spent time with Marier to get an inside look at his unique process.
VICE Staff

This Punk Named Bim Is Running for Mayor of Portland

What started as a joke has blossomed into a full-on campaign aimed towards preserving the city's artists and creative class.