Medicinal Cannabis

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New Zealand Finally Passes its Medicinal Cannabis Bill

But the opposition National Party calls the new law “lazy and dangerous”.
Zoe Madden-Smith
Medicinal Cannabis

High Hopes: Who Will Benefit From NZ's Legal Cannabis Industry?

Māori are disproportionately targeted by drug policing. With NZ poised to legalise medicinal cannabis, will they continue to lose out?
Tess McClure

Why We Made a Doco About Australia's Medical Weed Outlaws

Medical cannabis may be legal, but bureaucracy is intense and a lot of patients can't get access.
Royce Kurmelovs
Medicinal Cannabis

One of New Zealand's First Weed Growers Could Be Their First Saint

Mother Aubert: nun, pot-farmer and possible saint.
James Borrowdale

The Man Starting Europe's Largest Legal Weed Farm in a Nuclear Bunker

Christoph Rossner​ is using a former NATO air base in his quest to become Germany's leading medicinal weed grower.
Tim Geyer
Insider Outsider

I Went to a Weed Expo and Ended Up Smoking a $20,000 Bong

Australia, we've come a long way from bush choof.
Mahmood Fazal
Legal Weed in Australia

You Can Now Buy ASX Shares in Weed

Australia, welcome to Big Weed.
Katherine Gillespie
Legal Weed in Australia

Where Exactly Is Australia Up to on Legalising Weed?

It's been a big few months for local weed. Here's a handy guide to what's happening around the country and who's set to get rich.
Vincent Dwyer
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News of Zealand: Gang Runs Meth Dealers Out of Town

Also, exhausted junior doctors get ready to strike and house prices keep on growing faster than anywhere else in the world.
VICE Staff
Legal Weed in Australia

Queensland Just Passed the Most Flexible Medicinal Marijuana Laws in Australia

Specialist doctors, and even some GPs, will be able to prescribe cannabis to patients from March 2017.
Katherine Gillespie
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Your Monday News of Zealand: NZ's Best Olympics Ever and How to Get Cannabis Past Customs

Also, same-sex marriage law has been great for international tourism, cows could be to blame for Havelock North's shitty water supply and a new national day to commemorate the Land Wars.
VICE Staff
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Victoria’s First Medicinal Marijuana Crop is Ready to Be Cultivated

Premier Daniel Andrews paid a visit to Victoria's secret legal weed stash.
Katherine Gillespie