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Weed Week

We Spent 419 with the Man Organising Australia's Biggest 420 Picnic

The guy behind Melbourne's peaceful protest explains what drew him to weed activism.
David Allegretti
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Why Can’t New Zealand Make Progress On Medicinal Cannabis?

Public opinion is mostly for it, so why are politics still getting in the way?
Sasha Borissenko
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Is Importing Medicinal Cannabis From Canada to Treat Epileptic Kids

A locally-grown supply won't be ready in time.
Katherine Gillespie
Legal Weed in Australia

It’s About to Get Way Easier to Buy Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

With locally grown weed now staying in the country, and imports legalised, we should have a surplus within eight weeks.
Katherine Gillespie
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Just Harvested the Country's First Medicinal Marijuana Crop

The plants will be used to treat young epilepsy patients.
Katherine Gillespie

A New Zealander Called the Cops When a Drug Dealer Ghosted With Her Money

Betty did what any disgruntled customer would do.
Tess McClure
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What to Expect in the Second Season of 'Weediquette'

Weediquette host Krishna Andavolu takes us through the topics the show's second season will be covering.
Krishna Andavolu
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Victoria’s First Medicinal Marijuana Crop is Ready to Be Cultivated

Premier Daniel Andrews paid a visit to Victoria's secret legal weed stash.
Katherine Gillespie

We Spoke to a New Zealander Defying the Law to Make Medicinal Cannabis Oil

He's not into the idea of profiting from it. He does it to see people's lives improve.
James Borrowdale

Australia Just Passed a Bill to Legalise Medical Marijuana

The bill passed in both houses today, paving the way for medicinal cannabis products to be grown, manufactured, and prescribed in Australia.
Maddison Connaughton
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Will Be Australia's First State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

This week Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that statewide sales of the drug will commence in 2017.
VICE Staff

The Canadian ‘Pope of Pot’ Is Trying to Expand His Church of the Holy Smoke

"I was just given a purpose, a big purpose in life, and that is to promote Mother Earth's end and her most miraculous plant in this world. That is cannabis."
Rachel Browne