Distraction’s Cognitive Risks Are Worse Than the Time It Wastes

New research finds that being interrupted during a fixed task distorts and misconstrues how we view reality.
Julia Ries
2 days ago

Microdosing Mushrooms Could Make You More Creative

It improves two types of thinking important for creativity.
Shayla Love
Your Brain

5 Things That Could Help Your Brain Work Better

The brain isn’t literally a muscle, but its function can be positively and negatively affected by the behaviors we engage in every day.
Grant Stoddard
mental health

Being Attacked Changed How My Brain Works

Trauma has changed the way I perceive stress. I asked some experts how to cope.
Kate Willsky
This Week in Science

Your Brain Is Paying Attention While You're Sleeping

Even if you don't remember, your brain is listening.
Shayla Love
Social Media

Our Obsession with Taking Photos May Alter How We Remember Things

Rather than remembering what we ate, we scroll back to look at all the images we took of the food. This can have serious consequences.
Giuliana Mazzoni
10 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

10 Questions for a Woman Who Remembers Every Moment of Her Life

"My first memory is being in a dark place, with a reddish sort of light and my head between my legs."
Laura Woods
This Week in Science

What Researchers Learned from the Brain of a 27-Year-Old with Amnesia

It's possible to have knowledge, without remembering.
Shayla Love

Some People Relive Psychedelic Trips Years Later

Recreational users of drugs like LSD and mushroom don’t always find psychedelic flashbacks upsetting, though.
Suzannah Weiss
The High Life

What Cocaine and Weed Do to Memory

"Your memory is really your identity. Your own history, your own desires, your own fears.”
Shayla Love
I cant remember

40 Percent of People's First Memories Never Happened

If you think you remember something from before you were about three and a half, there’s a pretty good chance your brain is playing a trick on you.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Best Way to Manage Email Is With Pen and Paper

If email is a to-do list someone else writes for you, might as well just write down the ones you actually need to respond to.
Jason Koebler