men's rights activists

Men's rights

What I Heard at This Weekend's Men's Rights Conference in London

From "feminist witch hunts" to a bunch of speakers arguing that men have it worse than women.
Robert Jackman

I Tried to Find Out if Pick Up Artists Are Still Influential in 2017

Where have all the pickup artists gone? Have they stopped harassing women? Or are they underground plotting their next big disruption of a shopping mall near you?
Sarah Ratchford
men's rights activists

Everyone Got Excited About Free Speech After Melbourne Screened 'the Red Pill'

"Women don't really listen to what you have to say and I think that's oppression. I'm exercising my right to free speech."
Vincent Dwyer

How 'Fight Club' Became the Ultimate Handbook for Men's Rights Activists

Tyler Durden is a hero to MRAs and pickup artists alike. But how did a 90s film about toxic masculinity come to define the manosphere?
Paulie Doyle

I Infiltrated a Men's rights Group

These men need a support group more than they need a movement.
Kane Daniel

Do We Have to Worry About Someone Actually Killing or Raping a Feminist Activist?

To understand more about what’s been going on in the world of online feminist bashing, I spoke with David Futrelle, who has tracked anti-feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement on his blog We Hunted the Mammoth.
Chris Köver

The Anatomy of a Men's Rights Activist

He will mansplain feminism to a biological female. Feminism is equality, he says, which is something he wants desperately. He’s tired of women running the show. He’s tired of being vilified for his sex.
Megan Koester

Offline Activism Is the Tricky Part for #YesAllWomen

Over the weekend, an offshoot of the American Revolutionary Communist Party organized a series of #YesAllWomen-based rallies in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco. The tweets were better.
Jules Suzdaltsev

Elliot Rodger’s Online Life Provides a Glimpse at a Hateful Group of "Anti-Pick-up Artists"

Friday, Elliot Rodger allegedly killed six people before taking his own life. Before committing the massacre, Rodger released a string of vile, woman-hating videos detailing his sexual frustrations and plans for murder, in a manifesto that appears to...
Patrick McGuire

The Week In GIFs

Sup, dawg? I'll tell you sup: The Week In GIFs. GIF OR DIE, DAWG!!!
Rocco Castoro

What Kind of Person Goes to a Men's Rights Rally?

We went to a men's rights rally in Toronto to interview the activists and question why they insist men and boys are in crisis. The rally was interrupted by a queer and feminist counterprotest, and that's when the real fun started.
Michael Toledano