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People Living With Depression Talk About the Moment They Realised Something Was Wrong

We're told to speak about our problems, but that overlooks the fact it's sometimes hard to realise there even is a problem.
Vincent Dwyer
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Aboriginal Suicide Rates Have Hit Crisis Point and Prevention Isn't Working

A new report is calling for criminal justice funding to be redirected funding be redirected into mental health, drug, and alcohol services.
Katherine Gillespie

Trying to Be Creative When You're on Antidepressants Isn't Easy

Starting Lexapro, I had no idea the toll it would take. Sure my intense panic attacks dulled, but losing your emotions feels like dying.
Amy Smolcic

Why I Write About My Mental Illness Online (When I Know Hundreds of People Will Criticise Me)

I compulsively imagine eating my dog's shit. I might call your mother a cunt and mean it. Do you ever feel the same? Let's talk about it.
Patrick Marlborough

How it Feels to Live With Borderline Personality Disorder

"I keep seeing my neighbour's pool in winter, just an empty bowl of dusty blue tiles. Imagine standing in the middle of that, when suddenly, the pool fills up. In an instant, you're drowning."
Patrick Marlborough

Selah Sue and Her Search for Self

Already a big star in Europe, now this Belgian singer's making waves Stateside. While her music may be upbeat, through her songs she tackles her battle with depression head on.
Avery Stone

From Darkness into the Light: Ladyhawke on Kicking Booze and Conquering Anxiety

After scrapping an entire LP in 2013, Ladyhawke spiraled into depression and alcoholism. Now she's sober and married and back with 'Wild Things.' Here's what happened.
Kim Taylor Bennett
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

What's It Like to Be in a Band When You're Living with Bipolar Disorder?

"When you’re manic," explains Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus, "it can be dangerous to have a lot of people respond to it positively."
Emily Reynolds
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

My Fear of Vomit: The Nightmare of Living with Emetophobia

The one thought that completely invades my brain when I'm awake (and even, at times, in my sleep) is: "Will I vomit today?"