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Inside London's Knife Crime Epidemic

Knife attacks and killings are up almost 25 percent, so we spoke to the head of the Met's task force about the plan to get the issue under control.


How the British Government Foils Terror Plots

We spoke to British security services about what goes into stopping planned extremist actions.


Are the Police Trying to Ban Bashment Music From South London Clubs?

A club owner at Croydon's Dice Bar has accused the police of racial profiling after they allegedly told him the music attracted "the wrong type of clientele."


There’s Now a Play About the Women Duped into Dating Spy Cops

We spoke to the playwright who turned the women's stories, of deceit and police infiltration, into theater.


A Day in the Life of a Man Working to Get Young People to Leave Gangs

Sam Duberry has been shot and stabbed, and spends his time trying to convince young people not to go down that path.


We Spoke to GIRLI, London's Teenage Answer to Brooke Candy, About Her New Track "ASBOys"

"GIRLI is chaos—an explosion of girl power and growing up in London and being young and a bit mad."


Islamophobia Is on the Rise in London, with Hate Crimes Up 70 Percent Since Last Year

New figures show that veiled women face the highest risk of violent crime.


What Does the Mayor of London Actually Do?

What does the British capital's mayor control and why should Britons care?


Haunting Photos of London Murder Scenes

We spoke to photographer Antonio Olmos about his project "The Landscape of Murder."


I Marched Through London Last Night in Support of Britain's Sex Workers

It's been a year since one of the most cynical crackdowns on prostitution the UK has ever seen, and that is still weighing on the minds of activists.


We Spoke to One of the Anarchists Who Designed London's Viral Anti-Cop Posters

Over the weekend, posters that looked like ads for the Metropolitan Police appeared all over the UK capital calling the cops institutionally racist.