Death Row's Former Photographer Shares the Unreal Stories Behind Her Photos

Simone Green's book 'Time Served: My Days and Nights on Death Row Records' details the tumultuous years.


Needle Play Is a New Frontier of Love

Needle play, the blanket term used to describe inserting needles into your body to get off, is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of kink in the BDSM world.


Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet’s Most Racist Forums

Michelle Lhooq takes another stroll down the ass crack of the internet to find out what's happening on some of the web's most racist forums. Some of what she uncovers is so ignorant, it's almost as funny as it is sad. The glut of hate and negativity...



Michelle and Carmen met in Dortmund, Germany. Michelle was the model, Carmen the photographer. During portrait sessions, the photographer’s typical approach to taking pictures began to falter, and gradually the portraits turned into a fight for power.