Mike Baird


Sydney’s Lost 1 Venue Every 8 Days Since Lockout Laws Started

In less than four years, the CBD and King's Cross have had a net loss of nearly 200 venues.


Farewell Mike Baird, Sydney Won't Forget You

We asked the city's musicians and hospitality people for some parting words.


NSW Premier Mike Baird Is Retiring From Politics

Baird made the announcement on Twitter Thursday morning.


Sydney's Lack of Public Housing Will Make the City Dull and Mean

Sydney's culture of equal opportunity is being destroyed by one of the world's most aggressive gentrification programs.


Mike Baird Overturned the Greyhound Ban, and the Greens Aren't Happy

Baird announced his decision to reverse the ban—which was to come into effect in July 2017—this morning.


Can We Kill Off Sydney's Lockouts Already?

Another Keep Sydney Open protest has been met with political inertia. Meanwhile, Mike Baird has backed down on the greyhound ban.


What Happens When a 79-Year-Old Rich Guy Reviews Sydney's Lockout Laws

Former High Court Justice Ian Callinan has released his report on Sydney's nightlife. As you'd expect he thinks Sydney is still kicking, while Kings Cross is now an "attractive and convenient place to live."


A Hiker Has Unearthed a Mass Greyhound Grave in NSW

The RSPCA is investigating why the dogs were killed, and why it appears the crime scene has been tampered with.


Greyhound Racing Will Be Banned in NSW From Next Year

"As a humane and responsible Government, we are left with no acceptable course of action except to close this industry down," wrote Premier Mike Baird this morning.


A Farmer Rode His Horse Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Protest Mike Baird's New Land Laws

Wearing an Akubra and Driza-Bone, farmer Glenn Morris set off on his horse Hombre, hitting out against controversial changes to the "Native Vegetation Act."


Everyone at Sydney's First Hemp Expo Loved Weed, Just Don’t Mention Getting Stoned

The inaugural Hemp Expo held at Sydney's Rosehill racecourse embraced medicinal marijuana, while revealing how far we from legalising recreational weed.


Sydney's Anti-Lockout Protesters Delivered Two Years' Worth of Anger to Parliament

Keep Sydney Open compiled 12,000 signatures and delivered them to Parliament on Thursday. Most MPs responded by not being there, save for a few glued to their phones.