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It’s 2019 and Scientists Have Created Mind-Controlled Rat Cyborgs

A team in China figured out a way to take control of a rat and "steer" it through a maze with their thoughts.
Gavin Butler

The Internet Is Crowdfunding the Release of 4,358 Secret CIA Mind Control Documents

Twelve years after receiving a cache of CIA documents related to the MKUltra program, John Greenewald of the Black Vault realized that thousands of pages had been omitted. Now, he's asking the internet for help.
Michael Gaynor
Your 2017 Guide to Cults and Fringe Religions

This Is How Cults Work

Ian Haworth, an ex-cult member, has been running the Cult Information Center since 1987. I caught up with him recently to get an insight into how a modern day cult operates.
Daniel Dylan Wray
Your 2017 Guide to Cults and Fringe Religions

In 2017, You Can't Always Spot a Cult From the Outside

A cult expert explains how to avoid being brainwashed in a world where everyone is promising the answer.
Katherine Gillespie
mind control

Controlling Computers With Our Mind Is Getting Easier...Slowly

MindDesktop is an order of magnitude faster than other mind control PC interfaces.
Daniel Oberhaus

Artists Control Each Other's Body Parts with Their Minds

Artist Diva Helmy and neuroscientist Greg Gage make unbelievable art out of a DIY neuroscience interface kit.
DJ Pangburn

What Do You Do When Your Family Was the Victim of CIA Mind-Control Experiments?

Visual artist Sarah-Anne Johnson's ongoing series explores how psychological torture impacted her matriarchal family.
Rea McNamara
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Can't Control Her Emotions in Today's Comic from Leslie Stein

We're all just code, waiting to be written.
Leslie Stein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

We'll Soon Be Able to Telepathically Connect on Facebook, According to Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg plans to give us the "power to share our full sensory and emotional experience with people whenever we'd like."
River Donaghey

Inside the Mind-Control Methods the Islamic State Uses to Recruit Teenagers

The author of "Combatting Cult Mind Control" talks to us about how extremist groups manipulate young people into joining them—and what we can do to stop them.
Sam Clements

This STI Makes Crickets Horny Before Killing Them

One of the world's newest sexually transmitted infections affects crickets, using mind control to spread to as many victims as possible before turning the hosts' insides blue and killing them.
Emma Loop

Video: Knife Party - "LRAD"

Hack the planet! An epic music video about the future of mind control from the kings of the Rage Valley.