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Ex-Clergy Explain How They Realised There Is No God

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Searching for Thailand's Grimmest Good Luck Charm

After hearing rumors of Thai monks burning stillborn babies for luck, I went on a journey to see if there was any truth to them.


The World's Toughest Rehab Is a Monastery in Thailand

Tham Krabok, Thailand's monastic equivalent to the Betty Ford Clinic, helps people overcome their addictions by living like monks and drinking a "cleansing" brown liquid that makes them vomit excessively each day.


A Prison Sentence for a Facebook Image Shows How Restrictive Burma's Anti-Free-Speech Laws Have Become

New Zealander Philip Blackwood is going to spend two and a half years behind bars because he posted a photo of the Buddha wearing headphones.


The "Burmese bin Laden" Swears He's a Good Guy

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Scotland Loves Buckfast, the UK's Version of Four Loko

Politicians and activists say the monk-brewed beverage should be banned because teens get hammered and use the glass bottles as weapons. Teens reply, “It’s cheap and gets you off your face!”


Why Are You Doing This? The Dark Monk

An album that poses the question "Can the Darkmonk stop the evil global leader and his army of cyborgs?" I don't know. Can he?