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Conspiracy Theorists Are Going Wild Over the Moon Landing Anniversary

Conspiracy theorists are over the moon for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.
Mack Lamoureux

50 Stellar Photos of Outer Space

For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this weekend, curator Jon Feinstein selected a collection of images capturing deep space fantasies.
Jon Feinstein

India Is About to Attempt Its First Moon Landing

If successful, India will only be the fourth country to achieve this feat.
Meera Navlakha

This Australian Town Has an Elvis Festival for No Reason

Elvis never visited Australia but people in Parkes don't give a shit.
Igor Hill
The Moon

China Releases Gorgeous New Footage of the Far Side of the Moon

Chang’e 4 mission leads released landing footage and panoramic pictures on Friday.
Becky Ferreira
The Moon

Hell Yeah, We’re Going to the Far Side of the Moon

The Chang’e 4 mission includes a lander, a rover, and a canister of potato seeds.
Becky Ferreira
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The New 'First Man' Trailer Is Here and Just Give It an Oscar Already

Ryan Gosling stars as a very dour Neil Armstrong in Damien Chazelle's new film.
River Donaghey
Apollo 11

NASA Just Released Two Years’ Worth of Apollo 11 Mission Audio

That's more than 19,000 hours of audio from the first moon landing mission.
Samantha Cole

Artist's DIY Space Program Seeks Life on Jupiter’s Icy Moon

Bricolage master Tom Sachs and his team operate a handmade aeronautics program to find new lifeforms, and sometimes grow poppies, in outer space
Shana Nys Dambrot
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The Faux Documentary That 'Proves' Kubrick Faked the Moon Landing

VICE sits down with 'Operation Avalanche' director Matt Johnson and his team to discuss the new movie and their unorthodox approach to filmmaking.
VICE Staff

Mclean Stephenson Embraces Moon Technology

With his first book out this month, the photographer talked to VICE about why shooting nudes and landscapes are kind of the same thing.
Mclean Stephenson