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This YouTube Channel Streams AI-Generated Death Metal 24/7

Dadabots was developed by two music technologists who wanted to prove that a neural network was capable of capturing the subtle stylistic differences between Death Metal, Math Rock, and other lesser-known genres.


Here's How Much Pornhub Knows About You

Advertisers can target your location, language, sexual preferences and the specific browser you're using.


Watch This Slug Risk His Life to Smoke a Spliff

Blaze it little buddy.


The Horrible Anger You Feel at Hearing Someone Chewing Is Called Misophonia

A rarely diagnosed, potentially debilitating condition pushes toward widespread recognition within psychiatry.


I Miss My iPod Classic More Than Anything

As Apple kills more iPods, an ode to the 'dumb' MP3 player.


Rare Footage Captures Moth Slurping Tears From a Sleeping Bird’s Eyeball

A scientist's video shows a thirsty moth drinking tears from the eye of a comatose bird.


Your Penis Looks Great

So chill out, dudes.


A Redditor Archived Nearly 2 Million Gigabytes of Porn to Test Amazon’s ‘Unlimited’ Cloud Storage

1.8 petabytes of porn is roughly 293 years of smut. Better start watching.


What Does a Nuclear Explosion Feel Like?

On the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, VICE's new film speaks to British atomic veterans to find out what it's like to experience an atomic bomb explosion up close.


Families Tell Us Why They Decided to ‘Bury’ a Loved One in Space

Celestis is the first and only private company to have successfully launched a memorial spaceflight.