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How Twilight Ushered in a New Dawn For Movie Soundtracks

Ten years since its release, we look back on the soundtrack that brought indie acts like Bon Iver and St Vincent to the mainstream.
Elizabeth Sankey
Obsessive Tendencies

The Music in ’Run Lola Run’ Is Still a Techno Rush to the Head

Every beat that pulses through Tom Tykwer's 1999 cult classic captures the breathless pace of big city life.
Daisy Jones

The Soundtrack of the 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy Is a Horny Hit Factory

Success from artists like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, or the Weeknd is proof that landing on the soundtracks of the three worst movies ever made is a foolproof way to guarantee a song will be a hit.
Rosie Hewitson
VICE vs Video games

Space Is, Once Again, the Place for Video Games

These are the off-Earth places I will visit, alone, just me against the vastness of the galaxy (and the occasional killer android).
Mike Diver

'It Follows' from Video Gaming: An interview with Soundtrack Composer Disasterpeace

We talked to the composer about writing to film vs video games, referencing John Carpenter, and why he's anti-vinyl.
Joseph Yanick
New music

Waxwork Records Are Here To Remind You Why You Were Totally Terrified

Soundtrack label resurrects classic names like 'Rosemary's Baby,' 'The Re-Animator,' and 'Friday the 13th' for vinyl release.
Joseph Yanick

The Secret To Successful Sound In Movie Trailers

We offer an in-depth look at the sound editing processes of major motion picture trailers.
Mike Sugarman