moving images


Sensual Slow-Motion Portraits Breathe New Life into Street Photography

Jeff Hodsdon’s gives new flourishes to street photography.


Movies Jump Off the Screen in Cinema Series ‘Dreamlands: Expanded’

For the Whitney Museum’s ‘Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art,’ the Brooklyn-based Microscope Gallery is staging a series of expanded cinema events.


A Mobile Camera Oscura Lives Inside This Hippie Van

Inside 'The Moving Camera,' images get turned into abstract color negative photographs.


Johnny Woods Creates Art That Dives into the Uncanny Valley

The artist, animator, and curator has directed videos for Big Boi and Hooray for Earth and had his work shown on Adult Swim. His surreal output is helping to usher in a style that is both very real and totally synthetic at the same time.


Best of Noisey YouTube 2014 - NOLA

Watch as Noisey Editor-In-Chief Fred Pessaro treks down to New Orleans to explore the peopls and the culture of New Orleans heavy metal.


New Motion Photography Contest Invites Artists To Show Off Their Best GIFs

The Motion Photography Prize will announce six finalist on April 16th.


[Best of 2013]: The Year in GIFs

Artists Reed + Rader pick the best GIF moments from this past year