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Tales of Work and Loneliness: What Leonard Cohen Meant to Me

"I wandered into Real Groovy Records on Queen Street in Auckland, and saw the vinyl record cover of Cohen’s 'Live Songs' album."
Ben Stanley
The Road to Nowhere Issue

September's Best and Worst Albums

Destruction Unit kicks ass, Bring Me the Horizon sucks, and 2 Chainz is immortal (but you already knew that).
VICE Staff
The Make Believe Issue

August's Best and Worst Albums

Royal Headache rules, Hot Chip reminds us that British white dudes can't dance, and the new Mac Demarco mini-LP inspired a hallucinatory experience involving characters from "The X-Files."
VICE Staff
The Uganda Love This Issue

March Music Reviews

Drake's a dick, Big Sean is (suddenly) good, and Lighting Bolt made an album that defies their two-decade legacy.
VICE Staff
The Outta My Way, I’m Walking Here Issue

January's Best and Worst Records

Chief Keef is the shit, Joey Bada$$ is just shit, and Panda Bear made something that sounds like the Grateful Dead got trapped in Jim Henson's Creature Shop overnight.
VICE Staff
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

October Music Reviews

Taylor Swift reminds us of crying over an English boy, Weezer just makes us upset, and Aphex Twin is 01010100 01101000 01101001.
VICE Staff
The Skammerz Ishu

Music Reviews

Snoop probably abandoned his last givable fuck back in 2005 when he propositioned the owner of a weed dispensary to install a waterslide, which explains why he hasn’t attempted to become LA’s Jay-Z. Instead Snoop seems content jumping paws-first into...
VICE Staff
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

Music Reviews

People used to get all mad at Avril Lavigne because she didn’t know who the Sex Pistols were, but seriously, who cares? I can’t think of many things that are more punk than not knowing who the Sex Pistols were, and frankly, “punk rock” isn’t even a...
VICE Staff
The Syria Issue


Everyone loves a good tan on a great chest. Pecs or boobs, it doesn’t matter—they both look better slightly exposed, glistening, and darkened.
VICE Staff
The Universal Sadness Issue


HARRY PUSSYYou'll Never Play This Town AgainThis isn't just the best noise band of the 1990s, it is the best noise band of the history of ever. Drummer/singer Adris Hoyos was, is, and will forever sound completely
VICE Staff