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This Guy Saved a Woman's Life with CPR He Learned from 'The Office'

"I’ve never prepared myself for CPR in my life. I had no idea what I was doing."
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'The Office' Might Be Coming Back for Another Season

It's still unclear which cast members could make a return, but we definitely won't be seeing more of Steve Carell.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can Buy Your Favorite Props from 'Parks and Rec' Right Now

Now's your chance to own Duke Silver's fedora or a Knope 2012 campaign shirt from the actual show.
River Donaghey

How 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is a Survival Guide for 2017

"No piece of anti-consumer dissent is as eloquent and comical as Larry ordering at Starbucks: 'I'll have a vanilla… one of the vanilla bullshit things.'"
Patrick Marlborough
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Donald Trump Is Going to Host 'SNL' This Season

Remember that guy? From the "You're fired!" show?
River Donaghey

A Guide to the Art of 'Parks and Recreation'

We look back at the bad, the beautiful, and of course the murals as the series comes to an end.
Becky Chung

RIP Harris Wittels, Comedy Wunderkind

The comedian and "Parks and Recreation" executive died in his home on Thursday, and the comedy world is still reeling from the sudden loss.
Justin Caffier

Bill Cosby Allegedly Tried to Get Wendy Williams Fired for Mentioning the Rape Accusations in 1990

The comedy legend's alleged bad behavior has been a gossip topic for decades.
Mitchell Sunderland

Bill Cosby Is Losing His TV Show Because of the Rape Allegations

Besmirched by sexual assault allegations, the comedian is on a losing streak with sponsors and television networks.
Grant Pardee

We Asked Comedian Ron Funches What Happens When You Die

We asked comedian Ron Funches—he of NBC's <i>Undateable</i>, <i>Kroll Show</i>, <i>@midnight</i>, and a bunch of other cool shit—what happens when you die. In between philosophical musings, we chatted about Pokémon and whether or not his show is coming...
Josh Androsky

How Jay Leno Has Bettered Our Society

Jay Leno is officially being replaced by Jimmy Fallon come 2014. So far, no one has stood up to defend the Chinned One's honor—until now. If you think Leno hasn’t made the world a better place during his 20-something-year tenure at the helm of 'The...
Megan Koester

Rating Games: A Chat With Brad Garfield

The Emmy winning director - who covered two Olympics with NBC - tells us how the 'ol peacock's Games coverage won primetime.
Derek Mead