Beating the Odds

Eagles RB Corey Clement's HS Counselor Bet Her BMW He Wouldn't Make the NFL

Philly's rookie running back made it, defying the long odds to turn pro. And he came to collect.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Boston Basketball Court Gets a Stunning Rainbow Makeover

New Craft Artists in Action (NCAA) breathes life into neglected neighbourhoods with colour and whimsy.
Annie Armstrong
sports gambling

Trump Admin Invites New Jersey to Allow Citizens to Gamble Freely

The Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to reject New Jersey's sports gambling case, and left open the door for a gambling free-for-all.
Steve Silver

How President Trump Could Free the NCAA to Pour More Money into Politics

If Trump fulfills his pledge to eliminate a federal law prohibiting charitable organizations from participating in political campaigns, the nonprofit NCAA will be free to shower sympathetic candidates with cash.
Steve Silver
march madness

I Was A College Athlete, And NCAA Amateurism Doesn't Help Us

March Madness is suffused with "love of the game" propaganda justifying restrictions on paying athletes. A former Division I basketball player explains why those roles are burdensome and irrelevant.
Luke Bonner
college basketball

Grown Up Reporters Are Actually Complaining About Kid Reporter's Legit Question at Presser

Some trolling old timer reporters decided they had something to say about a SI For Kids reporter. SMH.
Liam Daniel Pierce

VICE Sports Q&A: Sneakers Legend Sonny Vaccaro Talks Shoe Deals, NCAA Amateurism & Basketball

Sonny Vaccaro talks about his early days in the shoe business, the hypocrisy of the NCAA, and what it was like to sign Michael Jordan
Larry Burnett
march madness

Wisconsin Pulls Off Bigtime Upset Over Defending Champions Villanova

Villanova tried to launch a deep, desperation three to tie it up, but to no avail. Wisconsin is headed to New York City.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Warriors Are Tired, Bored, and Losing—But Does It Even Matter? Cookies 48

Hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli discuss Golden State's recent struggles, flagrant tank jobs, paying NCAA players, and the entertainment value of potential Western Conference eight-seeds.
VICE Sports

How Butler Basketball Moved Beyond Plucky Underdog Status

Once the underdog darlings of NCAA basketball, Butler now faces a new future as a heavyweight team.
Tim Casey

Does Racial Resentment Fuel Opposition to Paying College Athletes?

A new social science study has found that whites are more likely than blacks to oppose paying NCAA athletes—and that the more negative whites felt about blacks, the stronger their opposition.
Patrick Hruby

We Spoke to an Architect: Michael Jordan's "The Ceiling is the Roof" Metaphor Actually Kinda Makes Sense

"It's possible that he's parsing out an important architectural distinction for us."
Liam Daniel Pierce