Monsoon Season is Devastating South Asia Right Now

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, hundreds are dead and millions have fled their homes. And monsoon season is just beginning.
David Gilbert
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Parents in South Korea Are Upset They Can’t Beat Their Kids Anymore

The country’s plan to scrap the law allowing parents to physically discipline their children is causing quite the controversy among adults.
Shamani Joshi
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This Indian Festival Is a Fuck-You to All Those Who Think Menstruating Is Still a Taboo

Women in India and Nepal will be protesting and playing games to shatter the prejudice against periods.
Shamani Joshi
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Nepalese Women Keep Dying After Being Banished to 'Period Huts'

A centuries-old tradition known as 'chhaupadi' forces people to leave the family home while they're menstruating.
Gavin Butler

Seven Places on Earth Where You Can Travel for $25 a Day or Less

When you know where to go and how to cut costs, international travel can be cheap. Here are some affordable options to inspire you to dig out your passport and start planning your next trip.
Evie Carrick
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A Nepali Guru Is Being Investigated Over the Disappearance of His Devotees

The man popularly known as “Buddha Boy” has previously faced allegations of sexual assault and rape.
Gavin Butler
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An Australian Just Became the First Paraplegic to Reach Everest Base Camp

Scott Doolan, 28, was paralysed from the waist down as a teenager.
Maddison Connaughton

Building Skate Parks In The Developing World Is Thirsty Work

After finishing university Ben Hermans caught wind of an underground philanthropic skate movement operating in half a dozen developing nations and decided to get involved.
Jed Smith

Indian Police Claim Rats Drank 900,000 Liters of Booze, But Is it a Cover-Up?

It's either that, or police drank the confiscated hooch.
Gigen Mammoser

The UN's Latest VR Film Connects You with a Nepalese Earthquake Survivor

Sabita survived an earthquake that left nearly 9,000 people dead, 22,000 injured, and 3 million displaced.
Beckett Mufson
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The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

On this episode of 'VICE Specials,' we travel deep into the Annapurna mountains to join a Gurung village on its hunt for honey that some believe is poisonous and others say has hallucinogenic effects.

Hunting for Hallucinogenic Honey in Nepal

Every year, for centuries in Nepal, members of the Gurung ethnic group have climbed down the sides of cliffs amid swarms of bees—putting their lives on the line—to collect hallucinogenic honey.
VICE Staff