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Wrestlers Defy Physics, Pay Tribute to Journalist's Late Father

Dave Meltzer couldn't make one of the biggest shows of the summer after the sudden death of his father. The Young Bucks made sure to let him know they were thinking of him.
Mike Piellucci

Toronto Is the Nerdiest Wrestling City in the World

The one thing that doesn't waver in Toronto is the city's passion for professional wrestling. It has been one of the sport's major markets since the 1930s.
Corey Erdman

Kazuchika Okada Is the Best Wrestler in the World

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Okada has an intangible quality that recalls what made Ric Flair so good in his prime.
Ian Williams

Katsuyori Shibata, Brain Injuries, and Implications of Japanese Strong Style Wrestling

After a brutal headbutt 30 minutes into a New Japan's Sakura Genesis, 37-year-old Katsuyori Shibata collapsed from a severe brain injury. Now his career may be over.
Ian Williams

Okada and Omega's Epic Match Reminds Us That Wrestling's Present and Future Are in Japan

Japan's wrestling culture is once again defining the boundaries of discussion for what wrestling is and should be.
Ian Williams

WWE's Long Overdue Japanese Revolution Is Here

For too long, Japanese wrestlers were brought in by WWE only to be turned into offensive stereotypes. Now they're headlining shows for the promotion's hottest property.
Tom Breihan

WWE Is Talking About A "New Era," And Actually Backing It Up

Pro wrestling loves to tell its own story and always has. That's what WWE's current "new era" talk is about. More importantly: the new era is pretty great so far.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

Talking, Selling, And Wrestling: A Conversation With Jim Ross

Jim Ross is the voice of wrestling for something like three generations of fans. Now he's the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the wildest indie promotion out.
Ian Williams