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This Guy Knew He Was Getting Fired, so He Brought a Clown to the Meeting

When the redundancy papers were handed over the clown started mime crying.
Gavin Butler
2 days ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

New Zealand Woman’s Lungs Punctured During Acupuncture Mishap

The 33-year-old expressed pain as the needles went in and said they felt “extremely deep." Hours later, she was sent to the local hospital's emergency department.
Gavin Butler

Old Man on Mobility Scooter Refuses to Pull Over in World’s Slowest Police Chase

The 60-year-old double amputee said he thought the police car was an ice cream van.
Gavin Butler

Neo-Nazis Are Selling the New Zealand Shooter's Racist Screed for $4 on Telegram

The manifesto that inspired El Paso is now a hardcover book.
Valerie Kipnis
Australia Today

23-Year-Old Man Charged With the Murder of Australian Tourist in New Zealand

The alleged gunman was arrested after police raided a property on the outskirts of Hamilton late on Friday night.
Gavin Butler
christchurch massacre

The Christchurch Shooter Was Allowed to Write a Letter from Prison. It Ended Up on 4chan.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the letter, which contained a call for more violence, should have been seized by the corrections department.
Tim Hume

Australian Tourist Reportedly Shot Dead by a Gunman in New Zealand

It is understood the man was shot while sleeping in his campervan on the country's North Island this morning.
Gavin Butler
gun control

Here's How Many Guns People Have Already Handed Over in New Zealand (Hint: It's a Lot)

Buyback programs are part of gun legislation passed after the Christchurch massacre.
Trone Dowd
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Auckland Woman Finds $3 Million Worth of Cocaine Washed Up on a Beach

She'd been walking her dogs, she said, and naturally the dogs "tried to mark it as theirs."
Gavin Butler

Humans Have Done 50 Million Years of Damage to New Zealand’s Birds

It would take longer than humans have been on this Earth to recover the number of bird species lost in New Zealand.
Madeleine Gregory

Penguins Detained by New Zealand Police for Loitering Beneath a Sushi Shop

The penguins were described by authorities as "waddling vagrants."
Gavin Butler

Months After a Terrorist Attack, New Zealand Begins to Hand Over Its Guns

More than 900 gun owners have registered to hand over their firearms.
Meera Navlakha