Noisey Mix

Boy Harsher’s Noisey Mix Is a Dramatic Collection of Prickly Pop

The duo’s set is a fitting accompaniment to their new album ‘Careful,’ which distills years of love and loss. Also there’s some dialogue from ‘The Sopranos.’
Colin Joyce

Asia's Experimental Music Scene Is About to Explode

Some of the world's best experimental and noise acts recently converged in the Indonesian city of Jogja for Nusasonic, a massive eleven-day festival.
Yudhistira Agato
Tiitah AW
Free Radicals

This Is What Dreams Sound Like

Reissues of the Pennsylvania-based composer Michele Mercure's early electronic works provide an occasion to revisit the visionary electronic music that came to her in her sleep.
Colin Joyce
Noisey Mix

This Heavy Bonnie Baxter Mix Tastes Like Dirt and Rocks and Socks

The New York noise-destroyer celebrates a new solo tape with a survey of her like-minded buds in the local freak scene.
Colin Joyce

Booker Stardrum Is a Master Manipulator of Time (And Drums)

'Temporary, etc' finds the composer stretching instants into eternities, both behind a drum kit and in other universes entirely.
Colin Joyce
To Hell And Back

Satan Deserves Better Than Slayer

Thoughts on the International Day of Slayer, plus a bunch of killer bands like Tomb Mold and Necros Christos that you should listen to instead.
Kim Kelly
Noisey News

Glenn Branca, Avant-Garde Pioneer, Dies at 69

The influential and innovative composer died of throat cancer last night, according to his wife and collaborator Reg Bloor.
Alex Robert Ross
Asking for a friend

Does Wearing Headphones Lead to Hearing Loss?

The World Health Organization has warned that millions of young people may be listening to music too loud. Are we all damaging our hearing by spending so many waking hours with two miniature speakers stuffed into our ears?
Nick Keppler
New music

Listen to Burial's Surprise New Single, "Rodent"

By Burial's standards, it's almost upbeat.
Noisey Staff

Liars Didn't Want Us to Use the Word "Vaporwave" in This Headline

Dear Angus: Sorry for the headline, but we think the eighth Liars record 'TFCF' is fuckin' great, so we hope you'll forgive us.
Zachary Lipez

Spoiler's Cassette of Spoken Word and Experimental Sound is Perturbing

Just hearing him say “omnipotent bastard” has us locking the doors.
Tim Scott
conservation lab

The Quest to Recreate the World’s First Noise Orchestra | Conservation Lab

The story of one man’s adventure to rebuild the experimental orchestra conceived by Luigi Russolo, the 20th century’s first noise musician.
Noémie Jennifer