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I Miss My iPod Classic More Than Anything

As Apple kills more iPods, an ode to the 'dumb' MP3 player.


Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask a Serial Killer Fan Girl

"I’ve only ever dreamed of one person in a romantic way, and that was Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold."


Music To Do Sports To

We've got a playlist to help you punch your goals in the face.


Cops Say Thieves Stole $590K of iPhones in Daring Highway Robbery

The gang allegedly pulled up behind a moving truck, broke in, and smuggled the loot through their sunroof—all while whizzing down a highway in the Netherlands.


Are Slayer Fans Planning To Confront the Westboro Baptist Church at Jeff Hanneman's Memorial Service Today?

Today the Hollywood Palladium will host a memorial service for Jeff Hanneman, the recently deceased founder of Slayer. The Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing, so we spoke to an organizer of the event, who told us his plans to drench the WBC


What Your Festival Sideshow Choice Says About You

Welcome to yet another arbitrary character assessment thanks to a bunch of cowards behind their computers. Let's go!


No, My Name is Nick: Chet Faker is Changing His Name

"The next record will be under my own name, Nick Murphy," the Australian singer-songwriter said this morning.


Hopsin Has Called The Assault Charges Against Him “Some Bullshit”

The American rapper may be banned from Australia following his arrest in Sydney on Sunday.


Dun Dun: Law & Order Creator Dick Wolf is Making a Series About Boy Bands with Zayn Malik

No word yet whether Speed Weed will be involved.


Meat Thump’s Live Cassette Is An Important Document of Brisbane Music

Recorded at the tail end of a debauched weekend, 'Mustard Gas' captures the band at their bleak and busted best.


“Jesus Alone” is the First Release from Nick Cave Since the Loss of His Son Last Year

The band's 16th studio album 'Skeleton Tree,' is due out this Friday.


Brando’s Island Return With More Venomous, Twisted and Original New Wave Punk

One of Australia’s best and most under-appreciated bands are set to release their third seven-inch.