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An NT Bar Owner Is Facing Backlash for Trying to Enforce a ‘No Blacks’ Rule

At least 15 staff quit the Darwin establishment last week, as the owner faces additional allegations that he owes more than $10,000 in unpaid wages.
Gavin Butler

How a US Spy Base Turned Alice Springs Into an LGBTIQ Paradise

It's now home to the largest queer community in regional Australia.
Julian Morgans
Rhi Holmes
Laura Woods
Australia Today

A Riot Broke out at Don Dale after Inmates Stole the Keys to the Cells

Escaped detainees set fire to the school and used angle grinders to try and cut their way out of the youth detention centre.
Gavin Butler

Inside the Segregated Pubs of Outback Australia

They're called "animal bars" and they're unbelievably wrong.
Julian Morgans
Stephen Smit
Australia Today

Queensland Just Legalised Abortion, So What About the Rest of Australia?

People in Queensland will now be able to access abortion up to 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Other states have different rules.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

The Northern Territory is Suffering from a Severe Drought of Women

The state government has pledged millions of dollars toward balancing out the gender ratio.
Gavin Butler

Australians Think it’s Very Funny to Put Clothes on Termite Mounds

Photos of internet humour infiltrating the outback.
Julian Morgans
worst clubs

We Toured Darwin's Worst-Rated Nightclubs: 2018!

If you like beer in plastic cups—Darwin.
Julian Morgans
Australia Today

A Bunch of People Got Hurt During the Northern Territory's 'Firecracker Night'

Once a year, every year, fireworks become legal in the NT. And god damn if they don't make the most of it.
Wendy Syfret
High Season

Melbourne's Drug Rehab Waiting List Is So Long, People Are Moving to the NT

The shortage of publicly-funded rehab beds in Victoria is driving people to move interstate. But for people struggling with addiction, like Kane, it's not easy.
Ben Ansell
music video premiere

Kardajala Kirridarra’s Stunning New Video is a Celebration of Womanhood

"Warmala (Young Girls Song)" tells of woman and earth transforming as one.
Noisey Staff

The Strange Story of Australia's Outback UFO Capital

It's one of those roadside attractions that just doesn't make sense.
Sami Emory