A Deep Dive into the Absolutely Ridiculous World of Roku Channels

Cults, dogs, foot fetishists—there's a channel for everyone on Roku.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Inside the All-Women Training Camp Where Guns Are Sold as Empowerment

Hundreds of American women traveled to the A Girl and A Gun conference in Texas to learn how to shoot in self-defense, protect their kids, and fire machine guns from a helicopter.
Manisha Krishnan

How Consumerism Devoured The Workin’ Man Blues

How did the genre transform from working class catharsis to an corporate marketing campaign for a certain version of the American dream?
Amy McCarthy
The VICE Guide to Right Now

NRA Supporters Are Blowing Perfectly Good Eskies to Bits

After the NRA's former president said the YETI cooler company "declined to do business" with the guns rights group.
Adam Forrest

The Next Big Gun Controversy Is Forcing People to Lock Them Up

"People want to do something."
Brian Freskos
Noisey News

Killer Mike Clarifies His Pro-Gun Stance, Says He Supports Protesters

El-P also defended his Run the Jewels partner, who said that his comments dismissing the March for Our Lives protesters were taken out of context by the NRA.
Phil Witmer
Finish him!

Let's Enjoy This Wholesome Moral Panic About Violent Video Games While it Lasts

I wish I could go back to a time when scapegoating video games for school shootings was the biggest problem with video games.
Emanuel Maiberg
Views My Own

The NRA I Grew Up with Wasn't a Death Cult

The lobbying powerhouse has been blocking gun control since before I was born. But it's only now that I'm realising just how pernicious the group that helped shape my upbringing really is.
Kim Kelly
Las Vegas Shooting

People Are Bidding Insane Amounts for 'Bump Stocks' After Vegas

The devices that speed up semi-automatic guns were all over Stephen Paddock's hotel room. With Congress considering a ban, they're a suddenly hot commodity.
Alex Yablon

Country Music Needs to Examine Its Relationship with Guns and the NRA

For the first time, tragedy has positioned musicians and fans opposite to lobbyists. The question is where they’ll go from here.
Jon Gugala
Can't Handle the Truth

No, There's No Anthony Scaramucci Revenge Porn

The viral story is just unfunny satire. Is that so wrong?
Mike Pearl

The US National Rifle Association Annoyed Me Until I Quit

I only lasted a year or two, but I get why some gun owners see it as a necessary evil.
Anshel Sag, as told to Kerry Shaw