Pro Wrestling

The Velveteen Dream is WWE's Chance to Move Beyond Gay Panic

Wrestling audiences are ready for a nuanced, sexually ambiguous character like NXT superstar The Velveteen Dream. Is WWE?
Rob Rousseau

Breaking Kayfabe: An Inside Look at WWE’s Unlikely Business Empire

WWE is one of the most unlikely entertainment empires in US history, but CEO Vince McMahon’s ambitions and management style have left many wondering if the company can continue to grow.
Ian Frisch

In Melbourne, NXT Wrote the Future of Pro Wrestling

With NXT, the WWE have created brand that competes with, and poaches talent from indie promotions like Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. But it's impossible to complain when NXT so often outshines the WWE's main roster
Richard S. He

WWE's Long Overdue Japanese Revolution Is Here

For too long, Japanese wrestlers were brought in by WWE only to be turned into offensive stereotypes. Now they're headlining shows for the promotion's hottest property.
Tom Breihan

Where Does CM Punk Go From Here?

CM Punk has burned his bridges with not just WWE but much of pro wrestling, and was embarrassed in his UFC debut. Now a great champ faces an uncertain future.
Ian Williams

WWE Could Have a Golden Age, If It Can Figure Itself Out

In Battleground, WWE nailed the introduction of NXT hero Bayley and delivered a solid triple threat between The Shield's stars. But they're still not quite there yet.
Ian Williams

How Nick Xenophon Became the Guy Clive Palmer Always Wanted to Be

South Australia's Nick Xenophon Team has scored a seat in the House of Representatives, and possibly three in the state senate. It's a feat Palmer never quite managed.
Royce Kurmelovs

I Ate a Lamb Yiros With Nick Xenophon

He's the South Australian independent who just might control the balance of power after July 2nd. He stands for small businesses, so we visited his favourite.
Lee Zachariah

WWE Is Talking About A "New Era," And Actually Backing It Up

Pro wrestling loves to tell its own story and always has. That's what WWE's current "new era" talk is about. More importantly: the new era is pretty great so far.
Ian Williams

Farewell to the Utterly Undeniable Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was an indie wrestling grinder who became a beloved WWE champion because of how uniquely talented he was. His career is over, but his legend is secure.
Ian Williams

The WWE's First-Ever Female Trainer Is Ushering in a New Golden Era for Women Wrestlers

Sara Del Rey spent ten years kicking ass in indie wrestling before heading to the big league, where she's reinvigorating a tired network, building bold characters, and turning popular notions of women's wrestling on their head.
Luke Winkie