Objectively Correct Lists

Objectively Correct Lists

The 37 Best Ambient Albums of 2019 So Far

The world is stressful. Throw on these albums for a little bit of peace.
Colin Joyce
Objectively Correct Lists

33 Essential Albums You Probably Missed So Far in 2019

There's been so much good music in 2019. Here's the best of what you haven't heard.
Noisey Staff

What Your Favourite Movie Says About You

Whether 'Pulp Fiction' or anything Wes Anderson does, hold tight for a completely rational assessment of who you really are!
Ryan Bassil
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A Highly Scientific Breakdown of the Weirdest Hip-Hop Samples

From the sound of a '95 Windows computer starting up to flipping the Annie soundtrack into a Jay Z song, here they are – rated.
Jumi Akinfenwa
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Every Popular Song Named after an Alcoholic Drink, Ranked

Jenny Lewis put out a song called "Red Bull & Hennessy" this week so obviously we did this.
Tshepo Mokoena
Daisy Jones
Objectively Correct Lists

We Asked Musicians About the One Artist We Should Listen to in 2019

Because good musicians know about good music and that's a fact.
Daisy Jones
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Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga and Matt Wilkinson Rate These 17 Ones to Watch

From Clairo to Alicai Harley and Slowthai, the two London-based tastemakers share their thoughts on the artists to look out for this year.
Noisey Staff
Noisey 2018

16 of the Best New British Acts Who Had a Massive 2018

Have a look back at some of the musicians who've caught our eye (and ears) this year.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Remember When 'The X Factor' Was Good?

And by 'good' we mean very, very bad. We revisited some old performances as proof that you probably once enjoyed it.
Daisy Jones
Lauren O'Neill
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We Matched Musicians Up with Their Perfect Halloween Costumes

And the results are spooOooOky!
Noisey Staff
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Every 90s Reference in Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's "1999," Ranked

2018 has been wild, can you blame them?
Kristin Corry
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The Nine Best Greta Van Fleet Songs

Looking to get into one of rock's most popular new bands? Here's where to start.
Noisey Staff