Ocean Heatwaves That Instantly Kill Coral Are Getting Worse, Scientists Warn

Marine heatwaves present “a distinct biological phenomenon” from bleaching events, and could threaten the livelihoods of half a billion people.
Becky Ferreira
Madeleine Gregory

You’re Literally Sprinkling Plastic On Your Food

A study published this week in ‘Environmental Science & Technology’ sampled salt brands from across the globe and found 92 percent contained microplastics.
Kaleigh Rogers

Damaged Undersea Cable Causes Near-Total Internet Blackout in Island Nation Tonga

The island has just one submarine cable that provides internet access for the entire island.
Kaleigh Rogers

2017 Was the Warmest Year for the Ocean on Record

According to a new study, human activity has caused our global ocean to warm to levels never seen on record.
Caroline Haskins
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Oh Good, Someone's Rebuilding the Titanic and Wants to Retrace the Trip

It plans to offer an "authentic Titanic experience" and the director of the project is named Clive Mensink.
River Donaghey
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Nude Beach Surfer Headbutts His Way into Shark Attack, Punches His Way Out

"He was just going about his business and I headbutted him so he retaliated."
River Donaghey
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A Teen Survived at Sea for 49 Days in This Rickety, Floating Hut

Miraculously, ten ships passed by without seeing him before one finally came to the rescue.
Drew Schwartz
It's Not Aliens

Atlantis, Aliens, and Time Warps: The Enduring Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Rogue waves could be responsible for some of the region’s most notorious vanishings, but that won't stop rumors about Atlantis, aliens, and time warps.
Becky Ferreira

Signs of Alien Life on Europa Might Only Be Centimetres Under the Surface

Europa is irradiated by Jupiter’s intense magnetosphere, but you don’t have to dig far before life finds a way (theoretically).
Becky Ferreira
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Blue Flames Erupting from the Ground Are the Latest Addition to Hawaii's Hellscape

And if they come in contact with lava, they can trigger massive explosions.
Drew Schwartz
New music

Goldfrapp and Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Just Dropped a New Version of “Ocean”

This is the sort of collab that should have happened much sooner, really.
Lauren O'Neill
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Where the Hell Does This Guy Think He's Going with a Dolphin?

Cops are trying to track down a man who reportedly picked up a dying dolphin, carried it to his car, and drove away with it.
Drew Schwartz