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Arctic Towns, Railways, and Pipelines At Risk of Permafrost Thaw Damage

About 45 percent of globally important oil and gas fields in the Russian Arctic are located in zones made hazardous by permafrost melt, scientists said.


The Isolated Lives of North Dakota's Gay Oil Field Workers

Though attitudes are slowly shifting in the conservative state, gay men who come for lucrative work in the booming Bakken shale formation often feel pressured to keep their identities hidden.


Friday Night in the Bakken Oilfield

"We get drunk and think about how Williston used to be, then go home and dream about how it could be."


Hanging Out with the Rebels Who Have Seized Control of Libya's Oil Fields

My driver was the personal chauffeur of the leader of Libya’s federalist rebels, Ibrahim al-Jathran. As a reward for his good work in the uprising against Gaddafi, Jathran was put in charge of protecting the country's oil facilities. Instead of...