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What It's Like When Your Parents Are Extremely Online

Young adults weigh on the impact their parents' selfies, internet comments, and posting have had on their self-image and how they use technology.


People Are Poking Holes in Influencer Tactics – What Comes Next?

After some big 'gotcha' press stories ran this summer, I went to an "influencer festival" to see how the industry may respond.


Badger, Badger, Mushroom: Remembering 'Random' Humour of the 2000s

We wouldn't have TikTok without Newgrounds, Charlie the Unicorn, Salad Fingers and so much of what made online humour absurd and addictive.


'I Think You Should Leave' Is Like Weird Twitter as a TV Show

Tim Robinson's new Netflix sketch comedy has clear, hilarious ties to the humour of online.


How it Feels to Discover Your Son Was the Secret Founder of Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht is serving a life sentence for creating the world's first online drug marketplace. We spoke to his mum Lyn about their journey.


This Chrome Extension Lets You Tune Out Toxic Comments Online

“Tune” is an app that uses machine learning to filter what it thinks is “toxic” content, but it’s far from perfect.


MyGov Could Be Compromising the Whereabouts of Domestic Abuse Victims

There are fears that abusive partners or parents could use their children's information to track down victims.


The Affirming—But Bittersweet—Experience of Watching YouTube Coming Out Videos

I expected the clips from LGBTQ vloggers to be too earnest and saccharine, but I fell down the wormhole anyway.


I Was Tricked into Becoming a Cam Girl at 18

It all started with a mysterious MSN message asking me if I'd like to be a model.


All the Photos You’ll See on Tinder

Happy swiping, friends.


VICE Is Nominated for 30 Webby Awards

We need your help to win all those shiny metal springs.


We Sent Our Most Online Employees to See Lil Skies

Is what the kids are feeling familiar or are we well and truly fucked by society?