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Open Relationships Are Less Sexually Satisfying Than Monogamy, Study Finds

Around 82 percent of people in monogamous relationships said they were satisfied with their sex lives, while only 71 percent of polyamorous people said the same.
VICE Staff

We Asked Couples Why They Opened Up Their Relationship

From having a micropenis to living on different continents, non-monogamous couples answer the questions friends are too afraid to ask.
Mica Lemiski

How I Learned to Give Up Control in My Open Relationship

Why loving someone means allowing them to be who they are, even when that person is no longer in sync with who you are.
Jeff Leavell

An Illustrated Guide to Your Sex and Relationship Questions

Advice on dating sober, half-vendettas, and getting your boyfriend to wash his dick.
Jaik Puppyteeth

My Mother Taught Me How to Choose a Family

Through the AIDS crisis and her cancer diagnosis, she taught me that all that matters in this world is love. It's a lesson that's shaped the family I call my own today.
Jeff Leavell

Why People Are Fighting to Get Polyamory Recognised as a Sexual Orientation

A global debate over whether polyamory is something we do or something we are has challenged our ideas of identity, sexual rights, and their legal limits.
Neil McArthur

The Beauty and Splendor of Being a Slut

I would estimate that I've slept with up to 3,500 men. But sex, whether at random or not, always represents a human connection—and that can always be beautiful.
Jeff Leavell

How I Told My Husband and Boyfriend I'm Dating Another Man

I already had a husband, a boyfriend, and all the guys I could fuck. I had enough guys. Then there was Conor.
Jeff Leavell

Are Young People Really More Open to Polyamory or Do We Just Like to Cheat?

Some have said hookup culture is muddying the waters of what it means to be in a monogamous relationship. But is that necessarily true?
Jake Kivanc

How to Have an Open Relationship Without Annoying the Shit Out of Everyone

I know what I'm talking about, because in my personal life I'm a target for a lot of open couples.
April Adams

This Is What It's Like to Watch Your Wife Regularly Have Sex with Other Guys

Vern has been watching his wife bang other men at London swinging parties for the past 15 years.
John Lucas

How to Have a Non-Monogamous Relationship

The seminal book on non-monogamy, <i>The Ethical Slut</i>, was published in 1997—but that shit is hard to read. So we made this easily digestible A-to-Z guide to understanding non-monogamy instead.
Monica Heisey