Oral History


'We Will Always Be in Search of Ian Curtis' – Jon Savage's New Book Tells the Story of Joy Division

We spoke to Savage about the writing of the oral history, 'This Searing Light, The Sun and Everything Else'.
Kev Kharas

How 'Cruel Intentions' Brought High-Glamor Cruelty On a Shoestring Budget

For its 20th anniversary, we speak to the cast and crew of the cult classic about persuading the Rolling Stones to play ball, sourcing school uniforms from Goodwill, and how that rosary necklace was made.
Sirin Kale
book excerpt

Stormzy Details His Big Break in this Exclusive Book Excerpt

We've got a chapter extract from 'Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far,' the 25-year-old rapper's first release on his new book imprint.
Noisey UK Staff

The IDM List Gave Intelligent Dance Music Its Name and Geeky Legacy

Musicians and fans look back on the niche online hub they cultivated 25 years ago, and how it framed dance music that wasn't really for dancefloors.
Sam Davies

Jean-Claude Van Damme Was 'Coked Out of His Mind' During 'Street Fighter,' Director Says

Director Steven de Souza described filming the 90s action flick as a total shit show.
Drew Schwartz

An Oral History of 'Jackass: The Movie'

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the most legendary stunt film of all time, we spoke to everyone involved.
Marianne Eloise

Annie Legnini Recycles Items to Create Portraits Showcasing the Multicultural Experience of the Bronx

'The Bronx Faces' series is made up of Q-tips, Pokemon cards, coffee filters, and other materials.
Edenized Perez

When an Unplayable Record Preserves a Long-Lost Language | Conservation Lab

A chance discovery in an anthropologist’s archives uncovered native voices from a remote Alaskan island. Here's what happened next.
Noémie Jennifer
Please Kill Me

The Oral History of the First Two Times the Beatles Took Acid

A few months after George and John were unexpectedly dosed with LSD, the whole band decided to try psychedelics properly. This is what went down.
Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

An Oral History of the Legendary Club that Introduced Toronto to House Music

Before the raves and entertainment district, the Twilight Zone was the city's answer to New York's Paradise Garage.
Benjamin Boles
brief histories

Waiting For "Wolves" CDQ: The Oral History of a Kanye West Song

One man celebrates the one year anniversary of waiting for Kanye West’s “Wolves” CDQ.
Jabbari Weekes
Longreads Or Whatever

Never Meant: The Complete Oral History of American Football

The members look back at their brief time together, and accidentally creating one of the most influential records of its time.
TJ Kliebhan