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The Sort of Parents ‘Generation Anxiety’ Will Grow Up to Be

How mental health intersects with our decision on whether or not to have kids in the future.
Biju Belinky
International Women's Day 2019

The Concept of Women 'Having It All' Has Never Been Realistic, But Now It's Extinct

As a literal statement it's never held water, but it ultimately boils down to the option to have both a career and children. Now, late capitalism has rendered that near-impossible.
Emma Garland
Australia Today

Singapore Is Threatening to Ban LGBTIQ Citizens From Adopting Children

The government is considering changing its laws after a gay father won the right to adopt his biological son last year.
Gavin Butler

How to Be Nice When Your Friends Start Having Babies

A lot can go wrong when newborn babies start infiltrating your social circle.
Ewout Lowie
Early Works

We Talked to Josh Hartnett About 'Stranger Things' and Catholic School

The veteran actor opens up about being a father and meeting Harrison Ford.
Josh Hartnett

People Share the Worst Things They Ever Did to Their Parents

Our parents gave us life; we repay them by acting like little shits.
Justin Caffier

Spider-Woman, Steven Universe, Rat Queens, Bob: Non-Union Psychic: This Week in Comics #9

A new mom wrestles with the pressures of parenthood and superheroism in this week’s best comics.
Giaco Furino

Your Facebook Baby Posts Make Me Want Kids Less

The highlight of your day is witnessing a tiny human burp for the first time. I'll pass.
Manisha Krishnan

Life Sucks for Britain's Broke Young Parents

New figures show that child poverty isn't getting any better. Poor young moms and dads are struggling to make ends meet.
Frankie Mullin
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What Happens to a Family When Their Child Is Struggling with Severe Mental Illness?

The story of Sally Burke and her 13-year-old daughter Maisie, who has been placed in a psychiatric ward 118 miles away from home.
VICE Staff
This Week in Teens

How to Stalk Your Teenage Children Offline

What if I were to tell you that—surprise!—you’re actually the parent of a teenager? I bet you’d want to know exactly what’s going on in his or her life.
Hanson O'Haver