Peter Dutton


We Asked Canberra’s Hospo Workers to Review Australian Politicians

"Scott Morrison did the whole 'oh shit I forgot my card' bit. His colleague had to pick up the bill."


Scott Morrison Is Now Australia's 30th Prime Minister

He won 45 votes over Peter Dutton's 40.


That Texas 'Peter Dutton' From Twitter Is Crowdfunding a to Visit Australia

Silver lining to this mess: a nice small business owner gets a free holiday.


Someone Bricked Peter Dutton’s Brisbane Office

Early this morning, brick pavers were used to smash in four windows and two glass doors.


Lots of Random People Named 'Peter Dutton' Are Receiving Angry Tweets

"I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realize I’m a 30 yr old black man before sending me tweets and DMs."


Peter Dutton Calls for Another Leadership Spill

The former Home Affairs Minister insists the PM no longer has the support of his party, and calls for another spill.


Turnbull Survives Leadership Spill, Peter Dutton Resigns

The Prime Minister ended up calling on the challenge himself, winning by a slim majority.


Australia’s Migration Intake Has Hit a 10 Year Low

Peter Dutton has slashed 21,000 places from the annual intake, in an attempt to make sure we’re “getting the best possible migrants”.


Australia Wants to Help Turn Manus Island Into a Tourist Hotspot

White sandy beaches, friendly locals, offshore detention centres.


Is Peter Dutton the Steven Bradbury of Australian Politics?

If the Minister for Home Affairs can actually seize Malcolm Turnbull's job, he's either a genius or the luckiest guy who's ever come to Canberra.


Inside Christmas Island, Anxiety Builds as the Centre's Closure Looms

As detainee Leo Jai writes, the men held there have no idea where they will go next.


Australia Sure Dislikes the Government it Voted for

Yet again, polling shows that Malcolm Turnbull's government is historically unpopular.