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There's a Dark Reason Why Cambodia Reenacts its Brutal Genocide Every Year

The ruling party uses the memory of the Khmer Rouge for political gain – by constantly reminding Cambodians to pay homage to the politicians who helped end the killings.
Andrew Nachemson
Yon Sineat

Scorpions and Tarantulas Crawl All Over Your Coffee at This Cambodian Cafe

Owner Chea Raty started the business with a single iguana, but has since acquired tortoises, bearded dragons, horned frogs, and other reptiles and arachnids.
Jamie Fullerton

Pradal Serey: Kickboxing the Cambodian Way

We dig in to the legacy of Cambodia's national sport, Pradal Serey, and watch young fighters take the ring, in the outskirts of Phnom Penh.
Daniel Bruce

Hawaiian Mixed Martial Artist Makes His Cambodian Kickboxing Debut in Phnom Penh

Follow the Honolulu native Justin Wong, as he takes his first professional kickboxing match in a packed TV studio in Phnom Penh.
Daniel Bruce

In the Jungle with the Montagnards, Vietnam's Persecuted Indigenous Minority

I met with a group preparing to cross the Cambodian border in an attempt to make it to the UN office in Phnom Penh.
Clothilde Le Coz

We Talked Refugees with Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in Cambodia

We followed the Greens Senator around a Phnom Penh slum, where she looked at the conditions awaiting Nauru's refugees.
Clothilde Le Coz

Australia Dumps Its Refugees on Cambodia

Five detainees on the South Pacific island of Nauru have stitched their lips together in response to the arrangement signed last Friday for Australia to palm off unwanted refugees to Cambodia in exchange for $35 million in aid.
George Steptoe and Clothilde Le Coz

Weed Pizza and AK-47s: My Summer Vacation in Cambodia

I came to Cambodia to live out the dream I had entertained since my days as a young boy watching endless action movies and filling my youthful hours with GI Joes and Nerf guns: I was going to shoot an AK-47.
Karl Hess

I Survived a Khmer Rouge Execution During The Cambodian Genocide

Sovannora survived prison camps, an execution attempt, and an frantic journey across a minefield. We asked him how he felt after the sentencing of two former Khmer Rouge officials two weeks ago.
Emilia Terzon

Totalitarian Tourism in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

My girlfriend and I recently returned from a vacation in Cambodia, where tourism has been growing ever since the country enjoyed its only ever UN-sanctioned elections in 1993. During our time there, all hell broke loose.
Jaimie Hodgson

I Ate Dinner in Pyongyang's Cambodian Outpost

Pyongyang isn’t just a city in North Korea—it’s also the name of a Southeast Asian restaurant chain run by the North Korean regime. The eateries are as well known for traditional North Korean food as they are for money laundering and spying.
Winston Ross

Cambodians Are Still Angry at Their Government

Freedom Park is Phnom Penh’s designated protest space. The Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) have been demonstrating here since September. They want a new election after slamming last summer’s poll for “massive irregularities.”
Nathan Thompson