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It's thought that capsules containing an entire serving of vegetables could be the future of food.


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Ariel Pink: "Tell them Ariel Pink said to say Ariel said this was the tenth anniversary."


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[Premiere] Digital Collages Reflect on the Aesthetic Pleasure of Psychiatry

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Question of the Day: Who Should Pay for the Pill?

"I don't know if guys should have to pay for a girl who's using an expensive pill for reasons other than contraception. I mean, if I had some bowel condition would they be paying for my treatment?"


Brooklyn Art-Punks PILL Will Scald Your Ears with "Hot Glue"

The krautrock four-piece signs to Mexican Summer and announce upcoming 7" and a tour with Parquet Courts.


Pill Will Drown You in Champagne in a Stretch Hummer with "Personality Flaw"

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PREMIERE: Stream Post-Punk Weirdness from NYC's Pill on their Debut EP

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The Devil Came Up in Georgia: "The Only Constant in Atlanta is Change."

"The term 'trap' irks me. I feel like Atlanta culture has been raped."


A Cardboard 'Pill' a Day Keeps Dead Smartphone Batteries Away

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien may have the antidote to low battery syndrome, in the form of these small, eco-friendly cardboard pellets.


Why Don't We Have a Female Version of Viagra Yet?

Women who want to increase their low libidos have to take pills designed to give men erections. Is there a better way?