pineapple express

    • 7.5.16

      How to Make a Cross Joint

      If you've ever watched the classic stoner comedy Pineapple Express you may have wondered how one goes about making a cross joint. Weed expert Abdullah Saeed demonstrates how.

    • 5.29.14

      My Friend, Jonah

      Jonah Hill is a lovable mensch who embodies so much and has so much more to give. Early on in his career, Jonah was hired to fill Seth Rogen's "Likable Jew with a Fresh Mouth" bucket. But after The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah is quickly veering...

    • 8.9.13

      David Gordon Green Talks About His New Movie, 'Prince Avalanche'

      After a few box-office flops following the commercial success of Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green quietly holed up in the burnt-out Texas woods for 16 days. He came out the other side with his newest film, Prince Avalanche, starring...