Pioneer Works


How Mexican Summer Spent Ten Years Changing Indie Rock

Ariel Pink: "Tell them Ariel Pink said to say Ariel said this was the tenth anniversary."


'Teen Wolf' Meets Biker Bar in a Surreal Hesher Paradise

“Grand Ole Opera” is a Lynchian dreamscape filled with empty trailers, neon lights, and suicidal werewolves.


For 6 Weeks, This Actual Office Is Becoming a Reality TV Show

E.S.P. TV live streams daily life at Pioneer Works for their debut performative exhibition, 'Work.'


This Apocalyptic Tableau Has a Dr. Seuss-ian Twist

Dustin Yellin told The Creators Project how Marcel Duchamp, Hieronymus Bosch, and 'The Lorax' influenced his most recent work.


[Exclusive] A Group of Teenage Girls Built VR Worlds with Tilt Brush

For Pioneer Works' week-long Art x Code workshop, 10 high school girls learned the basics of VR world-building.


The World's Largest Contemporary African Art Fair Returns to Brooklyn

1:54 New York has both a social- and market-driven mission.


Giant Bottle Rockets and VHS Tape Sculptures Are a Blast From the Past

Willie Stewart drops fine art nostalgia bombs aimed at 90's kids.


This Art Film Tells A Dark Family History Through Haunting Masks

Molly Lowe’s ‘Redwood' uses 50 masks to share a complex tale.


Gender Is Eternally Fluid in These Vintage-Looking Nude Portraits

Tonight, Rybyn Renee Hasty's "Z" is exhibiting photos that depict a spectrum of genderqueer and gender non-conforming individuals at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.


A Robotic Church Rises in Red Hook

Machines come to life inside an old Norwegian Seamen’s Church for Chico MacMurtrie's site-specific installation and performance.


A Lifelike 'Biomorphic Wall' Grows In Brooklyn

Chico MacMurtrie and Amorphic Robotic Works' latest in inflatable architecture comes to life at Pioneer Works this Sunday.


Tonight in Brooklyn: 'Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography'

Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography, opening at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn tonight, features the work of ten young American and Canadian photographers who share an investigative attitude.