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The Guide to Getting Into Pixies, Who Make Rock Music as Perverse as Possible

Here's where to start with one of the most influential bands ever.
Sasha Geffen
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With "Zombie Bastards," Weezer Finally Confirm 'Black Album' Details

The long-rumored, Dave Sitek-produced record is out on March 1.
Alex Robert Ross
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Pixies Return with a New Album and a Single That Sounds Like a Pixies Single

"Um Chagga Lagga" is the first track from 'Head Carrier,' out September 30.
Noisey Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

11 Albums That Didn't Live Up to the Hype

Everyone can't be great all the time.
Noisey Staff
The Score

Listening Hard: 25 Years of 'Pump Up The Volume'

We spoke to everyone involved in the making of the film that inspired critics and popularized Christian Slater.
Cam Lindsay
VICE vs Video games

Slicing Up Eyeballs in 'The Tender Cut,' the Video Game Tribute to 'Un Chien Andalou'

The infamous scene from Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali's surrealist film is now interactive—but does anyone have the stomach to "play" it?
Matt Suckley
Deep Ass Questions

New England vs. Seattle: Who Will Win the Super Bowl (of Music)?

Determine who will win Super Bowl XLIX by voting for which team has the best music.
Luke O'Neil
Longreads Or Whatever

Your Favorite Bands Wouldn't Exist Without the Shoegaze Scene: Observations from the 'Beautiful Noise' Documentary

They didn’t sell a lot of records, but everyone who heard them started a band.”
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do Bands Love to Make "Fish Out of Water" Videos? Even Kim Deal Is Down in Her Latest Clip

Check out a slew of our favorite examples of this music video trope.
Kim Kelly
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I Went to Bogotá in Colombia For Festival Estéreo Picnic and Danced For Days

Noisey ditched North America for South to eat endless empanadas, catch up with Julian Casablancas backstage, get winded while dancing to Phoenix, and find out more about Colombia's music scene.
Kim Taylor Bennett

2013 Was the Worst 2004 Ever

Fall Out Boy reunions. New Found Glory tours. 'Anchorman' sequels. Here are the things that wouldn’t stay dead this year.
Dan Ozzi
New music

Premiere: Gay - "Chrysotile"

Toronto's very own Gay not only have a bluntly memorable name, they're also really good at making music videos for their summery, upbeat, poppish rock tracks that will make you mindnumbingly dizzy within the first 60 seconds.