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Trump Just Made It Easier for States to Target Planned Parenthood

The president reversed an Obama-era rule that said states can't defund family planning clinics just because they also provide abortions.
Drew Schwartz
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No Matter Who Mike Pence Eats Dinner With, He's Still Bad for Women

The US Vice President won't have dinner alone with a woman. Who cares?
Eve Peyser
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Why Self-Screening for STIs Could Do More Harm than Good

A Broadly investigation has discovered at least two websites are exploiting a legal loophole to import questionable HIV and STI tests into New Zealand and Australia.
Michelle Duff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Paul Ryan vows to defund Planned Parenthood, Russia begins pulling out of Syria, the US government reveals its plan to deal with an asteroid hitting Earth, and more.
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'Design for Progress' Is the Charitable Alternative to Black Friday Spending

Because the world needs a safety net a whole lot more than you need new speakers.
Kara Weisenstein

Artists Band Together to Protect Women's Healthcare Rights

'Sexy Beast, A Benefit for Planned Parenthood' honors filmmaker Dawn Porter and features an auction with works by over 40 artists.
Tanja M. Laden
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The Supreme Court Shut Down Texas's Abortion Restrictions

The 5-3 decision provides a clearer definition of what an "undue burden" on a woman seeking a legal abortion is and could affect legislation nation-wide.
VICE Staff
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A Chat With the NT Politician Who Thinks Abortion Is a Passing Fashion

While many are worried women's health services in the Northern Territory are decades behind, MP Gerry Wood doesn't think anything needs to change.
Maddison Connaughton

Defund Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Ego with These Punk Songs About How Much He Sucks

Proceeds from the 'UNINTIMIDATED: Musicians Against Scott Walker' compilation will benefit Planned Parenthood and Wisconsin soup kitchens.
Kim Kelly

The Planned Parenthood Shooter Shouted That He's a 'Warrior for the Babies' in Court

"I'm guilty. There's no trial," erupted 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear, who's facing first-degree murder charges for the November 27 attack.
Allie Conti

The Planned Parenthood Shooter Was Apparently a Fan of Anti-Abortion Terrorists

A report from the "New York Times" uncovered disturbing new facts about America's latest high-profile murderer.
Matt Taylor

What We Know About the 'Very Weird' Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect

Over the weekend, a clearer picture of 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear took shape.
Brian McManus