• I Made My Thanksgiving Guests Review My Robot Toilet

    Earlier this year, I was gifted a free top-of-the-line "smart toilet." I invited my Thanksgiving guests to test it out.

  • A Girl's Guide to Not Being a Dick This Summer

    Summer's great because everyone looks hotter and the place you live becomes a place to explore rather than endure, but it also contains plenty of chances for you to embarrass yourself.

  • I Can’t Stop Pooping

    Around the time I started having anal sex with my high school boyfriend, my life changed forever. Specifically, it became a lot more focused on excuses for having to go to the bathroom.

  • Would You Want to Fly if It Meant Not Being Able to Walk?

    At one time or another, everyone has looked up at birds floating through the sky like it's nothing and gone, “Maaaaann, I wish I could fly!” But how do we know birds aren’t looking down at us going, “Shit! I wish I could walk around on the ground. I...