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This Guy Built Himself a Boyfriend from Boxed Wine and Now They're Engaged

Congratulations to the box and groom.
River Donaghey

Black Grapefruit Tear Apart Convention on 'All My Relations'

On their second full-length, the New York State-based duo formerly known as SOS thrillingly jump from one idea to the next.
Alex Robert Ross

Witch Mountain Is Still Reinventing Itself After 20 Years

The Oregon doom metal institution's self-titled new album is its first with firebrand vocalist Kayla Dixon, and perhaps its most crucial.
Nilina Mason-Campbell

Stephen Malkmus Isn't Horsing Around Anymore

On 'Sparkle Hard,' the Jicks frontman takes modern life in stride. We talk to indie's Founding Father about the new album, short attention spans, and his budding romance with Auto-Tune.
Andrea Domanick
Noisey News

The Thermals Are Breaking Up, and That Sucks

The Portland-based indie band are calling it quits after a 15-year career in which they barely put a foot wrong.
Alex Robert Ross
vice shorties

That Time Chi Chi DeVayne Got Really Stoned Before Her Drag Show

The former 'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestant relives the night she slipped during a performance and accidentally fell offstage.
VICE Staff
neon colors

A Soft, Glowing, Spiky Exhibition Explores the Allure of Neon Colors

Stephanie Chefas Projects presents a group show celebrating bright colors.
Anna Marks

Viral Hate Videos Are a Person of Colour’s Reality

Violent, racist clips are the new normal on my social media feed and have changed the way I look at the world.
Sarah Hagi

An Artist Asked People to Get Naked in a Nest to Face Their Demons

After finding solace in a handmade nest, Debbie Baxter began to build them for others.
Dyllan Furness
50 states of art

Native American Artist Ka’ila Farrell-Smith Bridges Indigenous and Western Cultures | #50StatesofArt

The Oregon artist celebrates her multicultural Pacific Northwest upbringing through her art.
Andrew Salomone
50 states of art

Why Portland Needs All-Women Art Spaces | #50StatesofArt

Killjoy Collective in Portland, OR is a feminist alternative gallery space giving a platform to women and women-identifying artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
Killjoy Collective
50 states of art

Portland's Able Baker Lets Artists Cook Up Their Own Shows | #50StatesofArt

Faced with recent gallery closures within the city, Able Baker Contemporary hopes to thrive by upending the traditional gallery approach.
Charlie Schmidlin