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Absolute Legend Grounds Plane After Sparking a J in the Bathroom

Apparently he's never heard of edibles.
Drew Schwartz

People Told Us the Highest They've Ever Been in Six Words

“Thought I was in SpongeBob’s house.”
Anna Goldfarb
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'Bachelor' Contestant Reported Missing After Going to Work on a Pot Farm

It turns out she just hadn't called her mom in a few days.
Lauren Messman

The Mother of Canada’s Marijuana Laws Is a Feminist Hero and a Racist Monster

Emily Murphy, one of Canada’s pioneering feminists, was recently honoured by Justin Trudeau, who left out her dark history.
Joshua Ostroff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Speedo-Wearing Dude Wants His Bong and Weed Back

Jeffrey Shaver is not only the hero we need, he's the hero we deserve.
Moses Monterroza
Weed Week

Ranking the Synonyms for Weed From Best to Worst

Time to indulge in some of that dank...devil's lettuce?
Isabelle Hellyer

Eighty-Five Classic Drug Hiding Places the DEA Doesn’t Know About

The DEA blew the lid off of a bunch of timeless stash spots, but there are plenty others they haven't found yet.
VICE Staff
Weed Week

A Brief, Paranoid History of Anti-Weed PSAs

The increasing prevalence of marijuana in American culture has been unstoppable—but people have tried to stop it anyway.
Mark Hay
Weed Week

“PeopleIRollOn” Gives Celebrities the Best Weed Beards on Instagram

The account is a joke, but it’s an entertaining one.
Sean Neumann
Weed Week

These Pussy Pipes Remind Us “We Have Been Smoking Out Of Dicks”

Nico Mazza makes pipes that are woman-positive, sex-positive, and functional art objects that are fun to smoke out of.
Andrew Salomone
Weed Week

Miniature Weed Worlds Blend Tiny Toys and Stoner Humour

Anonymous Instagram user minioor makes humorous and wonderfully crafted miniature worlds made of marijuana and tiny toys.
DJ Pangburn
Weed Week

These Disembodied Arm Sculptures Are Ready to Turn Up

Dallas-based artist Sergio Garcia's anatomical sculptures also point out the absurdity of weed being illegal.
Beckett Mufson