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Sports Bra's New Power Pop Gem "Survival" Is An Ode to Trans Rights

The first single from the Sydney band's second album is a statement to the world that trans people won't be erased.
Shaad D’Souza

Tony Molina’s New Album Is a Low-Key Ripper, Like the Man Himself

‘Kill the Lights’ finds the Bay Area songwriter further indulging his love for rich, harmony-laden guitar pop songs. It's basically perfect, but not on purpose.
Colin Joyce

Sick Things Rock Out and Embrace the Mythology of Power-Pop in "Sick Thing"

The Montreal rock and rollers have a video and song for the kid in all of us, so we talked to them about 'Almost Famous' and watching Quebecois men flying on jetpacks.
Daniel G. Wilson
New music

Get Spiritual With New Age Group’s Punchy Power Pop

The Canberra band prove that the Australian capital isn't just one soulless cess pit.
Tim Scott

Paul Collins, The King of 80s Power Pop Is Back

The frontman of the Paul Collins' Beat discusses the reissue of two, long out of print records.
Tim Scott

Listen to the Heady and Aromatic Power Pop of the Whiffs

The Kansas City band trade in a musical style that is big on choruses and huge on melodies.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

Pinball Summer, A Terrible 70s Bawdy Teen Comedy Had the Greatest Power Pop Soundtrack

The hooks on the soundtrack were bigger than the holes in the plot.
Tim Scott
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Twin Cities Power Pop Super Group Private Interests Play Loud-Fast-Brash

Listen to some power pop done with a punchier and punkier edge.
Tim Scott

How An Obscure ‘White Bread’ Power Pop Single Ended Up on a Punk Label Called Death

Listen to Barry Knoedl’s obscure 1978 “Baby Don't Give Up”.
Tim Scott

Get Savvy to Savak, Punks for Life

The supergroup of DC hardcore scene vets shares their new video for "Alive in Shadows," and vocalist Sohrab Habibion discusses why he's still punk after all these years.
Zachary Lipez

MUNA On Their Own Terms: "If We’re Lucky Enough to Have a Platform, We Should Use That to Help People"

The tipped trio discuss the storytelling, the importance of being open about their sexuality, and defining yourself for yourself.
Avery Stone

Molly’s Video for “Sunshine Seems Important” Is a Testament to Not Giving a Damn

The Copenhagen power pop trifecta's new single sees your life’s problems and raises you zero fucks.
Alfred Maddox