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A Woman in Argentina Became Pregnant in a Coma After Being Raped

In this nightmarish situation, the woman's family is faced with an important question: What do you do about a pregnancy that's not only medically risky, but also the result of sexual question?
VICE Staff

How Chinese Women Get Around the One-Child Policy and Save Money by Giving Birth in the US

Despite a recent crackdown on "birth tourism" centers in California, there are plenty of reasons for pregnant Chinese women to want to give birth on US soil.
Jennifer Thomé

Will Wearing Makeup During a Pregnancy Make Your Baby Dumb?

You also could be potentially screwing your kid up if you eat cheese, sleep on your back, or go in a hot tub while pregnant.
Arielle Pardes

This Pregnant Londoner Just Told Off a Crowd of Pro-Life Protesters

They were harassing visitors to an abortion clinic.
Joel Golby
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

Pregnant Russians Are Going to Florida to Give Birth in Warm Weather

Mothers-to-be are crowding the shores of Miami and hiring bilingual companies to find them short-term leases and high-quality medical care before they jet back home.
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace

Meet the Children and Pregnant Women Carrying Rocks All Day for Albania's Mining Pirates

According to the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania, 88 miners have died in their line of work only in the last five years. Many more have been severely injured or crippled. No one really knows how many deaths and injuries occur in the informal...
Axel Kronholm