Hope Tala Makes Neo-Soul that Warms Like a Ray of Light

Introducing the 21-year-old Londoner who makes break-ups sound far less horrible and teary than they feel, on new track "DTM."


Charli XCX Formed A Pop Band That’s Half Spice Girls, Half Runaways

Today Nasty Cherry make their debut with "Win," a brash, bratty pop-punk track that was co-written by Charli XCX and is a perfect introduction to the four-member all-girl group.


Johnny Marr's New "Armatopia" Video Parties at the End of the World

We're premiering the ex-Smiths guitarist's latest track, which he tells us is about not losing your mind while the earth disintegrates.


We Should All Be More Like Thelma Plum

The Gamilaraay singer-songwriter is leaving behind the bullshit on "Not Angry Anymore", her sparkling new single, premiering on Noisey today.


jaycouldneverdie Sings the Seasonal Blues on “Blueberry Love”

The emerging Toronto singer gives us the shape of a ballad on her latest track with more Billie Holiday flavour of love and loss.


DonMonique's Getting Everything Off Her Chest on "Black Kate Moss"

The Brooklyn rapper opens up about the traumatic experiences during her three-year hiatus that changed the way she approaches music. Now, DonMonique is ready to make up for lost time.


Bathe's Surf R&B Is Full of Sobering Realities

"Sure Shot" is the Brooklyn-based duo's attempt at reclaiming beach music, or "surf R&B," as they call it.


American Pleasure Club Detail 'Fucking Bliss,' a Difficult, Long-Dormant LP

The follow-up to last year's magnificent 'A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This' was recorded in 2015, but remained unreleased. We're premiering the record's first single, "what kind of love?"


Tiana Major9 Is a Singular Voice in Black British Soul

We've got the exclusive stream of her debut EP 'Rehearsal @ Nine,' and talk to Tiana about pouring her energy into it.


Speelburg’s “Screener Season” Is a Smooth-Pop Ode to Sofia Coppola

We're premiering the Belgian-American artist's latest playful music video, as he gears up to release a collection of ten tracks in March.


Watch King B Fight His Demons in the Weird as Hell Video for "Licks"

The surreal visual has the St. Louis rapper trapped in barbed wire, presiding over a talent show, and even cutting his own tongue in church.


Che Lingo’s Upcoming Rap EP Confronts Dry Relics of Masculinity

The Londoner spoke to us about his new 'Sensitive' project, which we're premiering, and how falling in love changed his outlook on relationships.