North Korea May Have Silenced Australian Student Ahead of Trump Visit, Says Expert

Donald Trump is set to visit the Korean Peninsula in the coming days. A friend of Alek Sigley's thinks his disappearance could be due to heightened security concerns.


More People Would Vote for Oprah Than Trump, Poll Finds

Including 22 percent of Republicans.


There's Now an Official Committee to Elect The Rock for President

Run The Rock 2020 wants to get Dwayne Johnson cooking in the Oval Office.


Nearly Half of American Voters Want Trump Impeached, Poll Says

And even more disapprove with the job he's done so far.


Canadian Woman Jailed in Turkey for 'Insulting' President Erdogan on Facebook

Ece Herep was in Turkey trying to help a friend get out of jail, when she herself was arrested, friends said.


Philippine President Walks Back on Comment That He Once Threw Someone from a Helicopter

"If you are corrupt, I will fetch you using a helicopter to Manila and I will throw you out," Duterte said in Filipino during a speech about typhoon-relief efforts. "I’ve done it before; why can’t I do it again?"


Athens Welcomed Obama With Molotov Bombs and Tear Gas

On Tuesday morning, Barack Obama arrived in Athens for his final foreign trip as President of the United States.


Sad Scenes From a US Embassy Election Party

The mood at the beginning of the night was hopeful. By the end, not so much.


If You Thought Britain Got Worse Post-Brexit, Just Wait for What's Coming Next

Giving an outspoken bigot the biggest job in politics is going to embolden the UK's right-wing xenophobes more than the Leave vote ever could.


Thanks, Obama | GIF Six-Pack

Before heading to the voting booth on Tuesday, take deep breaths and look at these GIFs.


President Barack Obama, Extremely Chill Dude, Chats to Sway About His Favorite Rappers

Jay-Z is “the king,” Kendrick is “doing amazing work,” Chance is “family,” and President Barack Obama is so cool.


Here Is a Video of President Barack Obama Dancing to “Hotline Bling” with Usher

POTUS was hosting the BET “Love and Happiness” event at the White House, but soon took off his tie, moved to the dance floor, and broke out various moves.